Serve Your Health – Deep Oasis Complete Relax System

AED 52650

Your One & Only Relax-System with VR Easy Mobile

1. Increased performance / increase in concentration
2. Healthy, restful sleep and activation of healing processes in the body – improvement of body functions
3. Burn-Out Prophylaxis / Stress Prevention
4. Virtual trips and unique moments that you can’t do even in the real world create a sense of well-being, similar to a short break
5. You feel relaxed and free, the autonomic nervous system recovers
6. Sustainable resilience in health



DEEP Oasis from Serve Your Health – One & Only Complete Relax System  

Unique, new relaxation therapy concept, consisting of a high-end 4D massage system in combination with virtual reality glasses from Magic Horizons. Adding audio-visual deep relaxation with binaural beats audio

Based on years of cooperation with experienced doctors, a concept has been created for your holistic health:

  • Massage in high quality
  • Reduction of stress through Virtual Reality and Binaural Audio
  • Mental health and activation of self-healing powers through Binaural Beats
  • Support of performance and cell regeneration through altitude training (Hyperoxia Training)
  • Proven results through the analysis of the vegetative nervous system from the very first application


Feel The Difference

The importance of physical integrity has become even more important as a result of the pandemic. At the same time, mental well-being has moved to the centre of attention as a task for society as a whole. A particular symptom of a disease cannot be considered in isolation from the rest of the body, and the body cannot be considered in isolation from a person’s psychological feelings. Lifestyle, behavioural patterns, habits, social integration, work environment and the environment all play a significant role.


Specially prepared for 
Clinics, Medical Fitness, Hotels, Real Estate Agents, Companies and Private.


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