EMF Protection and Harmonizers

EMF Protection

With smart technology, wireless devices and the global rollout of 5G mobile networks, the invisible smog of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is growing thicker. Research shows that exposure to EMF radiation could be harmful to health. Independent studies have found that EMF radiation could damage our cells, disrupt our sleep and contribute to mood and fertility issues. Svife provides EMF radiation protection devices in Dubai, Abudhabi and all over UAE.

Qi technology can protect you from EMF reducing the effects of harmful radiation . Because cell phone and WLAN radiation surrounds us everywhere and at all times. This digital world offers many advantages, but unfortunately it comes at a price. Headaches, concentration and sleep problems are the consequences. The secret is Qi liquid. We build this into every device. Because they reduce the body stress reactions and ultimately increase your well-being . The EMF protection of our currentless technology has been proven in studies, press reviews and customer opinions.

EMF Radiation Protection


Unnatural exposure and the resulting oxidative stress can be reduced by EMF shielding, whereby metal-coated rooms and clothing can help. But these shields are usually expensive, complex and also block natural EMF to which our body has adapted. Waveguard has a solution for this: Qi technology.

EMF Radiation Protection

How does Qi technology work?

The effectiveness of our Qi devices is based on the technology developed in-house. Compared to traditional shielding methods, Qi technology is developed in a completely different way, combining traditional craftsmanship and out-of-the-box thinking. This required years of product development and prototype testing, as well as a perfect blend of applied engineering, math, and intuition.

As a result, Qi technology is designed to interact with subtle electromagnetic fields through the use of its internal geometry. The Qi devices contain conductive liquids (Qi-Liquid), which are organized in a certain geometric arrangement. We believe that thanks to this arrangement, the Qi devices are able to influence the quality of the environment around them. A study by the Dartsch Institute showed that water treated with Qi technology was enriched with more electrons compared to untreated tap water.

We also believe that the area around the Qi device forms an energy field that follows a certain pattern and that the stability and optimal functioning of the field of action require an even, continuous flow of electrons. This could have an impact on the excess of free radicals in the body.

Benefits of Qi-Technology

  • Increased Vitality
  • No radiation related headaches
  • More Vitality
  • Faster Regeneration and Wound healing
  • Increased Concentration Improved
  • Water, Food, Air quality

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