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Water module for high-energy drinking water in spring water quality.

  • LOCAL : Water module for high-energy and hexagonal drinking water in spring water quality.
  • WELLWATER: Water module for high-energy drinking water in spring water quality.


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Water of the purest spring water quality – straight from the tap.

Viktor Schauberger, the great water pioneer and researcher, already impressively proved 100 years ago that water is much more than just a liquid. The so-called hyperbolic funnels, for example, are based on his research. By means of a special swirling – as occurs in natural mountain streams – the water regains its natural vitality. A similar effect is achieved when water is brought into direct contact with crystalline structures. E.g. precious stones, or silicon. Water is a highly intelligent storage medium – Google, for example, is currently planning to use water as a storage medium for data.

But water stores information primarily at the subtle level. That is, even if it has been purified by sewage treatment plants, it retains the subtle information from all impurities. In the same way, water can be influenced and its bioenergetic quality changed by thoughts, prayers, symbols and emotions.

The Japanese agronomist Masuro Emoto has proven in his photo volumes that water changes its structure, for example, depending on the emotion with which one encounters it (The Memory of Water – Masuro Emoto). For this purpose he took water and brought it into contact with different affirmations. Then the water was shock frozen and he photographed the crystals. The result was overwhelming.

The more loving the affirmation, the clearer and more structured the hexagonal structures of the water crystals emerged. The more destructive the affirmation, the more chaotic the structure. Bioenergetically it seems logical that a clean hexagonal structure is better suited for clean data communication – i.e. biophoton exchange in the body – i.e. energy transport in the cells, than a chaotic cluster without clean contact “interfaces”. By the way, the concept of hexagonal water originates from this approach.

aterials and substances

Water that is pressed through pipelines over long distances loses its vitality!

Viktor Schauberger recognized that water must be pulled – or sucked – rather than squeezed to stay alive. According to this, all our tap water – no matter how clean it is – is energetically dead as it is pumped over long distances through pipe networks. It not only loses its vitality, but “clumps” together molecularly in coarse clusters, blocking biophoton exchange in the body.

The water shaper breaks up these structures and gives the water back its vitality. It provides – through a re-information – a natural regulation in the body. The water tastes noticeably “softer” and absorbs more oxygen. Less lime is formed, because the calcium carbonate is structured differently. A special process deletes the harmful information that remains in the water after regular filtration. The information imprinted on the water by the module contains the spectrum of a high oscillating right rotatory source with reduced water.

Reduced water means that the water contains a bonded hydrogen atom and can therefore bind oxygen – in the form of free radicals – in the body. Free radicals are blamed for a range of physical damage and are thought to promote cancer, among other things.

Kinesiological muscle tests and energy field measurements after contact with the water always show amazing results. Even on geological disturbance zones, so far, all react with force – already in contact with the water.

More energy

As a rule, tap water has a Bovis value of about 5,000 Bovis. This means that it withdraws energy and does not donate any. So it does not correspond to the predicate “food” in any way. After installing the Biogate Water on the main water supply line of the house, highly energetic water with a Bovis value of over 20,000 Bovis bubbles out of every crane, with a magnetic pulsation force – and thus a bioavailability of 100%. The body is thus enabled to absorb sufficient energy.

The water strengthens the body not only by drinking, but is also absorbed through the skin when showering, bathing and washing. The fine atomization during showering creates a beneficial negative-ionized and highly vibrating field.

Through the combination of various factors, the tap water, with the use of a Biogate-Water module, develops numerous bipolar resonance points in the body. This means that by drinking the water, the body is helped to balance these resonance points, which are directly connected to a wide variety of organ and functional systems in the body. The same principle of action is used in bioresonance therapy, where it is also about balancing the body’s own regulatory frequencies and activating self-healing processes. A detailed listing of the individual resonance points with the corresponding organs is currently in progress.

An important note at this point:

All frequency patterns are natural frequencies, which are disturbed in our body, by external influences. Strictly speaking, a depolarization happens. That is, in a certain frequency value, the polarity is shifted and we get into imbalance. By making both polarities available, the body can compensate for the deficit – if it needs to. If not, nothing happens. So nothing is forced on the body, but it happens a purely natural regulation process.

Legal Notice:

Procedures and wellness products based on findings of the subtle level and radiesthesic experience are not recognized for lack of physical-scientific provability. Only doctors, alternative practitioners and other users who have dealt with this matter and use these procedures and products themselves share and confirm the positive experiences that countless people have had. However, no guarantee of success can be given. There is extensive literature (with further references) on the subtle dimension, which familiarizes with the basics of the matter and aspects of practical application.

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L: Up to approx. 250sqm living space, M: Up to approx. 150sqm living space, S: For under the sink or behind a filter unit, XL: up to approx. 400sqm living space


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