When It Comes To EMFs Radiation Protection, How concerned are you?

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EMF’s are everywhere, and there are tons of sources right from cell phones, WiFi s to Bluetooth, smart speakers, wireless chargers, smart refrigerators, and many more.

Also,There has been growing concerns of EMF radiation linking to various health issues, including cancer, infertility, sleep disorders, and developmental problems.

Frequent Headaches, severe concentration and sleep problems are the major consequences.

When it comes to your health, smartness is to identify these sources, know about it and shield yourself. The idea is to limit its exposure on human body and reduce the health hazards imposed. There should be something which is easy and convenient and would help us to use modern technology such as WIFI, cellular network & Bluetooth without hesitation.

          EMF Protection

EMF are not only sensitive to humans ,but to our pets  symptoms to be seen in pets are Limping on the forelegs or hind legs,diarrhea and thyroid malfunction,Skin diseases,loss of appetite,Chronic ear and eye infections etc.

Another high impact of EMF radiations are on fertility of men and women who are exposed to these high-tech devices . EMFs can also cause oxidative stress in cells, which can damage the DNA of sperm, as well as damage the DNA of other reproductive organs and tissues.

However modern society cannot avoid various kinds of EMFs during household and occupational activities, but should be aware of the biological hazard of EMFs.

The effort to avoid EMF exposure and techniques to protect or relieve EMF radiation are required to preserve our reproductive potential. 


EMF Radiation Protection

Here are the 5 ways to protect yourself from EMF radiations

  1. Do you know mobile phones use EMF in the microwave range. So it is advisable not to keep Mobile in your pocket for a longer period of time and also studies shows keeping the mobile close to you while sleeping disturbs an optimal sleep cycle.
  2. Avoid the use of Laptop placed on laps :Studies shows laptop emits emf at different frequencies, if its usage is exceeded it causes infertility in men and womens ,sleep disorders,back and neck pain.    EMF Protection
  3. Stay away from Bluetooth headphones ,Wireless Earbuds &AirPods 

EMF Radiation Protection

4. Stay away from High tech Electric cars: Studies shows there is Electrosmog in electric cars 

5. Monitor emf levels in your home at regular intervals, Kill the wifi when not in use and keep moving the routers . Use high quality emf radiation shielding and reduce the emf pollution .

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