AED 439

Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation.
The energy booster for the workplace, at seminars, under the bed, in the car or at school. Or for use at home to energize water, juices, fruit and vegetables or baby food. Scientifically proven protection against the negative effects of oxidative stress – caused by free radicals – e.g. as a result of electrosmog, radio or earth radiation exposure.

  •  Compensates for geological fault zones selectively and measurably
  • Minimizes oxidative stress – e.g. caused by electrosmog
  • Effect confirmed by scientific laboratory study




The BIO-WAVER with dextrorotatory 29,000 Bovis!

✅ to balance water veins and faults
✅ to build up the body energy system
✅ for energizing water
✅ for selective amplification of a HOME Harmonizer
✅ for the vitalization of food
✅ for the energetic lifting of interference zones
✅ to support wound healing
✅ to help with stress management
✅ to increase concentration in the office
✅ for harmonization of seats at seminars

The BIO-WAVER builds up a highly oscillating clockwise field and is suitable as the sole harmonizer of a sleeping area or a horse box, for selective reinforcement of a HOME harmonizer, or as an energy booster for the workplace, at seminars, during negotiations, during sport, under the bed, in the car or at school …
as well as in home use to energize water, juices, fruits and vegetables or baby food.
Do you know Olaf the Snowman?

Olaf is the living snowman from the Disney movie “The Ice Queen”.

So that Olaf doesn’t melt even in summer, the ice queen has conjured up a little cloud for him from which it snows continuously and which is always above Olaf. He carries his own weather around with him, so to speak.

Our BIO-WAVERs work in a similar way.

If you have a BIO-WAVER in your pocket, you ensure a permanently high energy field – no matter where you are. Be it in your own bed, in the hotel, at work, in the car, at seminars, at sports, at school or kindergarten …

A BIO-WAVER provides your personal small helpful health cloud, and protects you and your children not only from earth rays, such as water veins, faults or crossing points of the Curry grid, but above all ensures that you are permanently supplied with more energy!

This happens due to the high Bovis value of 29,000 Bovis, with a magnetic pulsation force of over 90%.

The Bovis value is comparable to the lens of a photographic apparatus. Large value = much energy. The magnetic pulsation force, on the other hand, describes the earth counterforce. It is the force that makes e.g. a dandelion seedling grow through asphalt. Through a high pulsation force, a high Bovis value becomes only pleasant and balancing.

In the middle of the last century, Wilhelm Reich already achieved unbelievable therapeutic successes in his research for a wide variety of serious illnesses simply by offering his patients a highly vibrating energy field, thereby promoting their self-healing powers.

He used his orgone generators for this purpose. But basically it is similar whether I generate more life energy by an orgone generator or whether I enlarge the single-beam lens for life energy by a BIO-WAVER.

Where does the energy on the BIO-WAVER come from?

The energy that is available through a BIO-WAVER is natural cosmic-terrestrial energy. On the Bio-Waver is a natural frequency spectrum stored, which occurs exactly so in nature.

Due to the oscillation properties of the crystal (the BIO-WAVER is made of silicon), this spectrum is distributed in a radius of up to 5m in the room, so that the corresponding field is built up again and again.

It is the spectrum of a power place occurring in nature, where three specific right-turning geological phenomena meet. This constellation is very rare in the kind, if not unique.

When you stand on this place, you can literally feel how you are energetically refueled and feel very comfortable and balanced.

Erase water veins, faults and crossing grid points locally and selectively.

Why can the BIO-WAVER compensate for earth radiation?

In the world in which we live, it is always and in all areas about balance. This already describes the 6th hermetic law – that of balance.

To everything in this world there is also a complementary, i.e. a counterpart with inverted properties. If, for example, a left-turning and a right-turning water vein cross each other, these zones largely balance each other out at the crossing points – depending, of course, on the strength of the respective vein.

It is not uncommon for someone to sleep on such an intersection and have no stress at all, because the damaging field of the left-turning core is balanced by the right-turning core both in polarities and in charge. The same is true of a curry lattice crosspoint and a positive Hartmann lattice crosspoint. Again, the frequency is the same, but the polarity is inverted.

And it is exactly on the basis of this that the BIO-WAVERs work to balance earth radiation. Besides the pleasant and health-promoting effect, the increased energy supply, left-rotatory – and thus for us harmful fields – are balanced by the right-rotatory vibration of the Bio-Waver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Bio-Waver work?

The Bio-Waver builds up a highly oscillating (29,000 Bovis), clockwise field and can thus selectively clear earth rays, intersection grids and distortions within a radius of up to 5 meters in width and up to 1.5 meters in height. Furthermore, its energizing effect can contribute to more energy, better sleep and a strengthened immune system. In a scientific tests have shown that it offers protection against the negative effects of oxidative stress. (caused by free radicals – e.g. as a result of electrosmog, radio or earth radiation exposure)

Where and how is the Bio-Waver placed?

The energy booster for the workplace, at seminars, under the bed, in the car or at school. Or in the home use to energize water, juices, fruits and vegetables or baby food.
In addition to the Harmonizer, we recommend placing the Bio-Waver under the foot of the bed for the first few days so that the body can slowly get used to the vibration of the Bio-Waver. After that, it can be moved higher up if necessary.

How often do I have to get the Bio-Waver out from under the bed?

It is advisable to take the Bio-Waver out of the interference zone for a few minutes at regular intervals (at least once a week), as it has the ability to stabilize itself. Otherwise, the oscillation may diminish in the long term.

At what radius/distance does the Bio-Waver work?

The Bio-Waver has an effective radius of 3 to 5 m in width and up to 1.5 m in height (decreasing towards the outside).

Can the Bio-Waver break down or become less effective?

The Bio-Waver cannot break directly. The effect of the Bio-Waver can weaken if it is left on an interference zone for too long. We therefore recommend removing it from the interference zone at regular intervals or placing it on our detox plate for 2-3 minutes in order to return it to its original vibration.

Can the Bio-Waver be taken anywhere?

The Bio-Waver has been designed and further developed so that it is unbreakable and waterproof and can therefore be taken anywhere.

Where is the best place to put the Bio-Waver in a horse box?

It is safest if the Bio-Waver is placed under a food chest, for example. It is important that it is placed on the ground or close to the ground in order to be optimally effective. One possibility would be to bury the Waver in the hay.

Is the effect of the Bio-Waver sufficient for several boxes in the stable?

The effective radius of the Bio-Waver is approx. 5 m. As the boxes are usually 3 x 4 m in size, we recommend using a separate Bio-Waver for each box.

Are air pockets in the Bio-Waver normal or do they constitute a complaint?

Air inclusions in the Bio-Waver can occur during production, as the waver is manufactured using a casting process. They have no influence on the functionality of the Bio-Waver and are therefore no reason for complaint.

How can I energize my water?

Simply place your water glass/water carafe on the Bio-Waver for approx. 30 seconds.


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