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Keep Your Energy!  Effective compensation of earth radiation, radio & and electrosmog!

HOME Harmonizer stops energy loss through geological fault zones and builds up a bioenergetically positive vibration field in which stresses caused by electrosmog and geopathy (earth radiation) are balanced.

  • More energy
  • Less stress
  • Better sleep
  • More vitality
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Effective compensation of earth radiation and electrosmog!

Scientifically proven protective effect!
The protective effect on our cells was proven by Dartsch Scientific in a scientific laboratory test. The test demonstrated significantly increased cell vitality under everyday environmental radiation.

Many years of practical experience in building biology have shown that the best results are achieved when not only a harmonization module is used, but also when existing technical stress is minimized in the best possible way. Furthermore, it has been shown that in many cases it is advantageous to stabilize the body’s energy system with an extra portion of energy and to protect the body from high-frequency radiation while on the move. For this reason, additional products can be configured on this page at a reduced price.

So helps you the HOME Harmonizer

Electrosmog, radio and earth radiation is balanced out
Interference fields in your body are harmonized
Your body will be restored to its natural balance
The natural melatonin production is promoted
A healthy sleep-wake rhythm can develop
Home harmonization with HOME Harmonizer
A HOME Harmonizer balances out the effects of electrosmog and earth radiation and promotes self-healing powers.

HOME Harmonizer not only balances electrosmog and radio pollution (WLAN, mobile telephony, Bluetooth, etc.), it also balances a water vein, for example, so that no more energy is drawn from these zones and the person is no longer weakened, burdened and stressed.

The autonomic nervous system is supported and the parasympathetic nervous system is promoted.

This helps the body to heal itself!

More energy!
Areas above geological interference zones often vibrate lower than we humans do and drain us of energy. Permanent loss of energy leads to fatigue, reduced performance and increased susceptibility to illness. A HOME module measurably compensates for energetic deficits via interference zones and protects against energy loss.
Less stress!
Electrosmog and radio pollution cause stress and disturb the vegetative nervous system. Vegetative stress leads, among other things, to increased cortisol formation and ultimately to hyperacidity of the body with corresponding consequences. A HOME module balances electrosmog and radio pollution and promotes the parasympathetic nervous system.
Better sleep!

By balancing disturbing stresses, natural melatonin production is restored and a relaxing and restorative sleep is promoted.

Less nighttime urination, better sleep through the night, less night sweats, and less bedwetting/screaming in children are often the results.

More vitality!

Restful sleep without stress and energy loss provides more vitality, increased life energy, stronger immune system and better health.

Lower susceptibility to infections, better ability to concentrate, higher stress tolerance in everyday life and increased fertility are often welcome “side effects”.

One module for the whole apartment / house!
Home harmonization with HOME Harmonizer

Home harmonization with HOME Harmonizer

Home irradiation without HOME Harmonizer

Home irradiation without HOME Harmonizer

The functions of the HOME Harmonizer

* The effect of the HOME Harmonizer is measurable with a bioresonance device in the context of a building biology resonance test. That is, as soon as a module of the right size is installed, no geopathic interference zone is detectable in the entire house (circuit) with a resonance test.

Exposure to 50Hz house current (electric as well as magnetic alternating fields) and 16Hz railroad current (e.g. due to a railroad line near the house) is effectively compensated.
Compensation of all radio transmitters surrounding us (WLAN, DECT cordless phone, LTE, 5G, GSM mobile radio, baby monitors, smart meters, satellite radio, radar, etc.).
HOME Harmonizer manages to measurably* balance water veins as well as faults and disturbances of the global grid system.
By changing the air ionization to a ratio of up to 4 minus to 1 plus ION, less dust is trapped in the air, making the air clearer and cleaner.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can the function of the Home Harmonizer be disturbed?

The HOME Harmonizer cannot be used if shielded cables are installed in the house. Likewise, it cannot be used with completely shielded walls, as the information does not enter the room through the shielding. In this case, a BIO-WAVER can be used at night to protect the sleeping area from geopathic interference zones.

What makes the HOME Harmonizer so unique?

In recent years, experienced radiesthesists have increasingly noticed strong energetic fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field. Some speak thereby of “from the outside caused” manipulations by high frequency transmitting stations of the military – others of natural events with different explanation models. But whatever causes these fluctuations is basically of no real importance.

However, the effect does!

These energetic fluctuations lead to the fact that very often – especially at night (in Central Europe) – the strength of the basic energy, i.e. the Bovis value – is lowered (exactly the same happens on many geopathic interference zones).

What is measurable compensation of earth radiation?

HOME Harmonizer is the only system known to us, which is able to detect all geopathic disturbance zones in the house via the electric circuit – measurable (e.g. by means of a resonance test) – and to compensate for the damaging effect of the electrosmog, or at least to greatly weaken it.

Other systems working partly similarly balance the body on a disturbance zone, or virtually reprogram it so that it does not react to the disturbance. However, this cannot be measured, but must be believed. With the HOME system, even with a modern bioresonance device, not a single frequency value of a geopathic disturbance can be detected once the module has been installed – provided that the right size of device has been chosen.

Those who know a bit of commuting will also notice that the Bovis level in the house increases significantly, the current suddenly turns right and the air ionization changes. Some customers speak of a pleasant tingling sensation going up their spine as soon as the system starts working. Others of suddenly fresher air in the rooms and better room acoustics.

By using the BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer, the ion ratio in the room air changes. For our well-being we need an increased negative ionization. Approximately in the ratio 1 plus to 4 minus. We often find such a ratio at brooks and lakes. That is why we feel very comfortable there. Electrosmog and earth radiation change the ratio to our disadvantage. It is not uncommon to find an ion ratio of 1 minus to 4 plus in our home. So exactly the wrong way around. The positively charged ions then bind matter, among other things, which leads to increased fine dust as well as dust deposits. You can often see this when the sun shines through the window during the day and the dust particles dance in the air.

So now when a HOME Harmonizer changes the ionic ratio, not as much dust is bound. For example, one customer reported that her air purifier with auto-detector switched on less and less often, and finally not at all, after starting up an FM Biofeldformer Home Module (the name of the HOME Harmonizer at the time). A very nice example of the functionality of BIOGETA® technology.

A BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer creates a free space and has a harmonizing and balancing effect. In addition, a stable energy field is built up and the body is thus given the opportunity to regenerate and heal itself.

An interesting side effect of the system can be observed in the behavior of the animals. Dogs usually react directly and very relaxed to the suddenly changed vibration field, because they – like us humans – are radiation fugitives. Also horses, cows, chickens and pigs (a BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer can also be used very well for harmonizing animal stables). Cats, as “radiation seekers”, are sometimes a little irritated at first, but usually also get used to the new field very quickly.

The BIOGETA® system is the only system known and tested to us, which is able to harmonize a curry grid crossing point via the electric circuit! Similar working systems partly increase the Bovis value of such a – always very energy taking – point, but often do not manage to raise it to a positive value. To really “disarm” a curry point sustainably one has to raise it to at least 8500 Bovis.

Can HOME Harmonizer be comparable to a gemstone?

Anyone who has taken a closer look at gemstones knows that each stone has a specific vibration pattern. Therapists who are trained in this can successfully treat diseases with stones by balancing disharmonious structures.

The silicon core of the BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer is comparable to a gemstone, but it is charged with a specially compiled information package from BIOGETA®.

The silicon in the core vibrates this information packet onto a cable that is connected to the power grid of the house/apartment. As a result, the balancing information from the core is distributed throughout the house and is therefore available everywhere and balances out all the loads in the house or apartment.

The 50Hz of the power grid serves as the transport frequency. This is comparable to the way a radio station works. In a radio, an information packet (e.g. content in the form of music) is modulated onto a carrier frequency (e.g. 107 MHz) and distributed via this carrier frequency. We use the 50Hz of the power grid for transmission, since the grid is available everywhere (60Hz in the USA).

By using the already available 50Hz house power grid as a transporter, we manage to get the BIOGETA® balancing frequencies into every corner of the house – because a slight – often not even measurable – electro smog is emitted from every wire in the walls. The BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer not only balances this actually harmful electrosmog, but uses it positively as a transporter to distribute the hamonizing information throughout the house.

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L: Up to 250 sqm / 2600 sqf, M: Up to 150 sqm / 1600 sqf, S: Up to 75 sqm / 800 sqf, XL: Up to 400 sqm / 4300 sqf, XXL: Up to 600 sqm / 6400 sqf


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