Luna Red Light Therapy

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Luna is our large light therapy mat which can be used for complete body treatment while working out, doing yoga, or taking a nap.

Rejuvenate your body with the most advanced and powerful red light therapy ever created.

Light Therapy has been one of the oldest recorded systems for healing used by the Indians, Egyptians, Chinese and Greeks. We combined that knowledge and harnessed the power of two of the best kind of light for your health and wellness.

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The world’s most advanced light therapy devices

What exactly is Light therapy?

Light therapy has been used by the ancient Indians, Egyptians, and Chinese for healing and rejuvenation for thousands of years. However, over the past few decades, there has been a new area of science called “Photobiomodulation.” At Biohackn, we studied how Light can be used for treating a wide variety of human health issues, including aging. We isolated the two most powerful and evidence-backed light forms called Red and Near-Infrared Light.

Biohackn’s light therapy devices work by producing a biochemical effect in cells that strengthen the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the cell’s powerhouse — it’s where the cell’s energy is created. So hacking the mitochondria is the solution to most health problems we face in today’s world.

Whether your goal is to have glowing and younger-looking skin, maximize recovery from workouts, have increased energy levels, or improve circadian rhythm and deeper sleep cycles. Red Light Therapy can help you achieve these goals and many more.

  • Light therapy treatments help your body’s natural inflammation process as you recover from illness or injury.
  • Increase in blood circulation. This indicates tissues are receiving more oxygen and other nutrients necessary for healing.
  • Red Light is a lower-intensity alternative that can help support longer, more restful sleep.
  • Red Light provide many positive changes in conditions that may have caused joint pain, Including Osteoarthritis Knee Pain, improving low range of motion in joints, cartilage regeneration, treating meniscus tears, general knee pain, hand and wrist pain, and spinal pain.
  • Red light therapy is excellent for your eyes! RLT may slow or stop degeneration, improve healing outcomes for damaged eyes and decrease inflammation, leading to vision impairment.
  • Red Light Therapy is excellent for stimulating and maintaining hair growth. May extend hair growing time, improve hair thickness, and even prevent male and female pattern balding!
  • Red light has Anti-aging properties, combats wrinkles, and increases collagen production for smoother, younger-looking skin.
  • Trainers and Professional athletes widely use light therapy to improve fitness, boost physical performance, and support recovery.
  • Recovery from Sports: Regular red light therapy treatments have been shown to reduce delayed onset of muscle soreness, less fatigue, less potential for injury, and general all over increased recovery.
  • Red Light promotes balance across the body and skin by enhancing cellular respiration, making energy production more efficient with less oxidative stress.
  • Brain: Red Light improvements cognitive performance and memory, improve functioning after traumatic brain injury, improves mood, as well as improvements in certain neurological diseases (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease).
  • Red Light can stimulate the release of fatty contents from fat cells and ultimately lead to body fat loss.

Red and Infrared light therapy can also be used in a therapeutic use and health care. For example, it has a significant therapeutic effect on lowering blood fat and blood viscosity; it has a good improvement effect on hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes caused by hyperlipidemia and hyperviscosity.

Sound too good to be true? We hacked it !

Red and near-infrared Light have already been proven in over 3,000
scientific studies to do all that and more!

Red light therapy used to be limited to expensive clinics and antiaging facilities. However, at Biohackn we believe everyone should be able to use science as an advantage to make themselves younger. This is why we developed high-powered, energy efficient and affordable LEDs, all the benefits of red light therapy can now be achieved at home in just a few minutes a day. Much like we need nutrients from food and water, our bodies need Light to function optimally as well.


1. Distance: Apply the Light from 6-12inches to the body
2. Session Time: Exposure each area for 5 – 25 minutes, depending on distance,
3. Repeat on other areas if desired
4. Frequency: Do this two times to 14 times a week until results are felt. Usually 4-6 weeks most of the customers could feel the benefits.
5. Maintenance: Continue using several times a week.

Light Therapy FAQs

What is the difference between red and near-infrared light therapy?

Red and near-infrared light therapy are similar except for two differences: Red Light is visible, and Near-Infrared Light is invisible. Near-infrared light penetrates the body deeper than red light.

How often should I use red light therapy?

It depends on the condition you are dealing with and the device you are using. For most situations, daily use for at least two weeks is recommended, followed by a maintenance regimen of one or two weeks.

Should I continue to use the light as much when I start seeing results?

Yes. Just because you see results, it doesn’t mean your skin cells are done doing their job. It’s just that the results of their efforts are starting to become something you can see or feel. Track treatments until you reach your Target Level of Results. Then you can begin a weekly maintenance program.

Can it hurt my eyes?

The typical human eye responds to wavelengths from 400nm to 700nm. While you will see a powerful red spectrum, the infrared light is almost invisible to the human eye. We recommend, however, not directly looking into the device while using it.

Does the surface get hot?

The surface may get a little warm. However, there is a built-in cooling fan that is going to keep it from getting very warm. With that being said, Our devices are very high power and can cover a large surface area, so you shouldn’t need to be very close to the device to get effective treatment. We recommend about 6-12 inches away from the device in general.

I do not need a tan. Is this machine capable of doing that?

No, the light is non-ionizing. The light will not tan you.

Is this unit rechargeable?

It is not rechargeable, it must be plugged in to a power source. The panel comes with a power cord.

How can I use this to help my thyroid gland?

Shine it on your neck from about 6-12 inches away for 5-7 minutes or so, daily. If you do a google search for red light therapy and thyroid function, there are many encouraging studies and publications.

What is the best time of day to use the light so that it won't affect sleep?

There isn’t a specific time best for red light therapy. Since the only two wavelengths of light being emitted are red at 660 nanometers and near-infrared at 850 nanometers, there is zero light from the blue spectrum, which is the light that would of course, signal to your body that it’s time to suppress melatonin production and be awake. So, you should be able to do it at any time of the day without any issues. Of course, if you want to play it safe, you could just do it in the morning, but it really should not affect your sleep.

Red light therapy is being used for neuropathy. Would this be similar to devices used by a physical therapist to treat feet and legs?

Yes. The key is red at 660 nanometers and near-infrared at 850 nanometers (or very close to those wavelengths), delivered at high power output (at least 100mW/cm2 at the surface).

What is the irradiance rating for 850nm only?

The irradiance results are based on the Red (660nm) and Near Infrared (850nm) switches being turned on. If only using red, or if only using near-infrared, the irradiance would be lower. We typically recommend customers use both red and near-infrared at the same time. The near-infrared wavelengths can penetrate a little bit deeper than the red wavelengths, but other than that, the benefits are for the most part, the same!

How do I install it?

Door/wall-mounted, hang and stand alone. Turn the power on and switch it “On” and then the light will work.

What is the return policy?

If the product you received isn’t functional or damaged, you can return it to us within 30 days with the original proof of purchase, and we will send you a new product. Please make sure, while returning, the product isn’t damaged in transit and gets to our location in good condition.

Benefits of Red and Near-Infrared light on human body

Biohackn’s Light therapy devices use evidence-backed Red, and Near-infrared light backed up by the science of Photobiomodulation.

Red Light at 660NM

Most of red light absorbed by your skin, leading to increase of collagen production and optimal skin health.

660NM: 850NM = 1:1

Provides ultimate versatility for overall health by delivering an equal percentage of both red light at 660NM and near infrared light at 850NM.

Near Infrared Light at 850NM

Near infrared light penetrates deeper within your body-enhancing muscle recovery and reducing join pain.


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