Reduce EMFs In Your Home: 5 Bulletproof Tips For Better Sleep & Fewer Headaches

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5 Tips to reduce EMFs in your home

1. Get educated about EMFs, its risks, effects and how to correctly handle electronic devices

While the industry insists that the latest technology is safe, we recommend that you do your own research from independent sources. This applies not only to your children and your partner, but also to the older generation, who didn’t grow up with electrosmog as such a prevalent issue. Make your family members aware of EMFs and related health risks so they too can take protective measures against EMFs.

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It is crucial not to wear or even use mobile phones, tablets and laptops directly on your body.
This is how your body directly absorbs electromagnetic radiation emitted from the devices, which is usually far above the specified safety limit values. The intensity of the emitted radiation decreases with distance from the body.

That is why it is wise to avoid placing laptops and tablets on your lap when browsing the internet or working online. It is equally important not to hold a mobile phone directly to your head when making a call, as it emits more radiation when in active mode. We recommend that instead of using wireless headphones, you opt in for a hands-free system or air tube headphones (anti-radiation headset with hollow air tube).

When it is not absolutely necessary to speak, use text messaging or email instead. The power required to send a text is much lower than that of a call.

You might also want to reduce screen time and turn off electronic devices in the house when not in use. If you are afraid you’d forget, using a timer is a good idea.

2. Keep all bedrooms free of phones and electronics

The fewer electronic devices there are in bedrooms, the lower the radiation exposure from EMFs. Using sleep time for relaxation and regeneration can’t be guaranteed with numerous electronic devices lying around. Most importantly, encourage your children to switch off their mobile phones before going to sleep, or leave them outside of their bedroom.

In order to further improve sleep quality, it is recommended not to place the WiFi router in bedrooms and to switch off WiFi at night. Since WiFi is a major source of EMFs inside homes, this can be a simple and effective step towards EMF protection. By doing so, you can reduce your exposure by a third.

3. Use wired connection instead of Wifi & Bluetooth

Using wired connection (ethernet)
WiFi radiation is particularly dangerous because it works in the microwave frequency range. We highly recommend using a wired connection with your computers instead.

The ALASTA principle
If you still decide to use WiFi, we recommend you set your WiFi transmitters according to the ALASTA principle (As Low As Scientifically and Technically Achievable – as low as technically and scientifically possible):

● The transmission power on the router must be able to be reduced to a minimum.
● Only switch on the WiFi if it is necessary.
● A central time control can ensure that routers are automatically switched off at night.

4. Look for lower SAR values when shopping for your family members’ mobile phones

A low SAR value means less stress on the body. You can find a list of SAR values for many mobile phone models on the Federal Office for Radiation Protection website.

It is also crucial to monitor and optimise the signal strength of your Internet connection. Mobile phones emit more radiation when the signal is weak. If you hardly have a signal at home, we recommend making the most of your landline for making calls.

5. Consider high quality EMF protection for your home

You can use shielding materials to protect your home from EMFs, such as applying special wall paint or wallpaper. Building biologists can advise on EMF exposure and shielding your home on a case by case basis.

Get curious and ask questions. Why? Many products on the market don’t do what they are supposed to and lack any scientific backing. Your best choice is a product that is one backed by high quality research.

best emf protection for home

EMF Protection Can Support Your Family's Wellbeing

As long-standing experts in the field of EMF (electromagnetic fields) protection, we are dedicated to raising awareness about the topic of electrosmog and its effects on health and wellbeing. We have been the German market leader for EMF protection products since 2016, and the only international company with a certified technology against electrosmog.

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Studies have shown that human-made EMFs can negatively affect our health, and a number of
chronic diseases can be traced back to electrosmog. When using EMF protection, you and your
family might benefit from:

  • improved well-being, a stronger immune system, fewer radiation-related headaches and increased concentration;
  •  more relaxation and balance thanks to reduced stress and a steady heart rate;
  •  increased vitality, regeneration and performance.

Do You or Your Children Get Sick Often?

EMFs surround us everywhere we go, at all times. With more and more hotspots being set up in and around cities, and schools going digital, it is even more important to create a sanctuary for our children; a space where the whole family can regenerate.

If your answer to any of the following questions is “YES”, we invite you to carry on reading.

  • Have you installed the latest technology or even smart home systems in your home?
  • Do you or your family members get sick often?
  • Do you or your family members increasingly complain about headaches and concentration problems?
  • Are you wondering why this might be the case?
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How Dangerous Are Electromagnetic Fields?

It might be a surprise for you to know that high EMF exposure in your home can contribute to some of the very common illnesses. Children are especially sensitive to EMFs. Research shows that children absorb more radiation than adults. It is specifically because:

EMF radiation protection for home
  • their brain is more absorbent;
  •  their skull bones are thinner;
  • their head size is smaller.

In 2010, a study carried out by a research team at the Institute of Physics and Engineering in
Medicine in the United Kingdom showed that the bone marrow of children absorbs ten times
more radiation than the bone marrow of adults

Radiation Absorption Rates In Children And Adults:

emf protection products

5 Year Old 

emf protection products

10 Year Old

emf protection products


The study and images by Prof. Om Ghandi, as quoted by the IARC (International Agency for Research on
Cancer of the World Health Organization (WHO)).

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