Summary Report On Testing Protective Influence On Human Organism Against Wireless Router Radiation



Date of tests: 4th – 17th July 2019.
Place: BION Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.
Purpose: Testing of an assumed protective influence of the product Qi-Shield (Figure 1, left) from Wi-Fi router radiation on the human organism.
Method: Measurement of various electrophysiological parameters
No. of exposures: 3 exposure groups per 15 volunteers (verum, sham and absolute control).
The claims of the manufacturer were verified scientifically by following the requirements of clinical tests on volunteers, meaning that the tests were:

  •  Prospective (general criteria for the effectiveness of the device’s activity were determined in advance);
  •  With placebo effect ruled out (none of the volunteers knew whether they were exposed to the device’s influence of not);
  • Blind (the volunteers didn’t know whether they drank influenced or ordinary tap water);
  • Randomized (the decisions about control and real tests were made randomly).

Protocol: Scientific clinical study design (including double blind test) with 3 different exposures was performed:
1. Wi-Fi turned ON with the Qi-Shield – detecting protective influence of the device (= verum group),
2. Wi-Fi turned ON with the sham Qi-Shield – detecting influence of Wi-Fi radiation (sham group = relative control group),
3. Wi-Fi turned OFF with the sham Qi-Shield – detecting influence of background radiation with no active Wi-Fi router in vicinity and with sham Qi-Shield (no exposure = absolute control group).

Every single measurement lasted 30 minutes during which volunteers sat in a comfortable wooden chair (Figure 1, right). Each volunteer attended the measurements twice at the same hour of the day. Both the Qi-Shield device and the sham one looked the same so that neither the test assistant nor the volunteers knew which device is used at a particular time. Wi-Fi router was hidden under the cardboard box so that even the test assistant didn’t know which of the 3 possible exposures was tested at particular time.

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