How does the Somavedic medic device work?

As you know, Somavedic is a blend of eastern medicine and frequency therapy device; its idea is to release mineral energies from precious stones and frequency-specific microcurrent. What does it mean for you?

Such energy release from the device harmonizes the EMF environment. Since Somavedic devices’ hearts have precious stones and minerals, you can expect your body’s energy fields to coincide with these minerals’ frequency. Here’s the step-wise operation:


You start the Somavedic device and place it on the table.

Step 2:

The minerals in the Somavedic heart create a frequency that your body loves.

Step 3:

You let these frequencies resonate with the energy field of your body.

Step 4:

The device doesn’t really block the EMF. Instead, it creates a stress zone around your body where these EMF and Geopathic stress won’t be able to harm you on a cellular level.


Your body creates a coherent field that prevents you from the unwanted negative impacts of wi-fi and EMF.

Do Somavedic devices need electricity?

No! You don’t need to plug it in the electric board to operate. The precious stones and minerals supported each other within the device release energies without you having to pass the electricity through it. Besides, it closely works at 60% efficiency without electricity.

What is inside the device?

LEDs: The self-diagnostic LEDs inside the Somavedic tell whether the device is broken from inside. You’ll observe a dark spot at the top of the Somavedic when it’s broken.

Tube: The tube is placed inside the device. It contains real precious stones and minerals and Czech republic corpus hand glass. You can’t see through the device.

So if you’re drooling to have a glance at these precious metals and stones, sorry! They’re sealed inside. These stones can be the mixtures of ruby, cobalt, uranium oxide, and of course, the very beloved gold.

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