Why Detoxify Food?

In today’s world, our food is exposed to numerous contaminants that pose significant risks to our health. These contaminants come not only in the form of detectable substances like pesticides and additives but also through less obvious means. Subtle toxins, which can be just as harmful, infiltrate our food supply through various channels, making detoxification an essential practice for maintaining optimal health.

Gross Matter Contaminants
During cultivation, crops are often treated with pesticides to protect them from pests and diseases. While these chemicals can improve yield, they leave residues on the produce that are harmful to humans. Additionally, food additives used to extend shelf life or enhance flavor can introduce unwanted chemicals into our diet. Preservation methods, such as spraying apples with wax, add another layer of contaminants that we ingest with our meals.

Fine Matter Contaminants
Beyond these detectable substances, our food is also exposed to a range of toxins that are not easily measured but can be harmful. For example, wrapping a tomato in plastic film or transporting it in a plastic bag can cause the tomato to absorb toxic vibrations from the plastic. Acid rain, pollution from geoengineering (such as chemtrails), and synthetic artificial light used in indoor cultivation also contribute to the subtle contamination of our food.

The Hidden Dangers of Plastics
Plastics, ubiquitous in modern life, pose a significant threat to our health. When we use plastic containers, bottles, or pacifiers, we expose ourselves and our loved ones to toxic vibrations emitted by these materials. Although some plastics may comply with safety limits, they are inherently unstable and release toxins over time. This slow diffusion of harmful substances adds to the burden of toxins we encounter daily.

Measuring Subtle Toxins
Traditional methods of detecting contaminants focus on gross matter, leaving many subtle toxins undetected. However, techniques like radiesthesia and kinesiological testing can reveal the extent of these hidden dangers. These methods involve using measurement charts and tools to assess the subtle energy fields and vibrations associated with food and other objects, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the toxins we consume.

The Solution: Detoxification
To combat these subtle toxins, tools like the DETOX plate have been developed. The DETOX plate is designed to delete harmful vibrations from food and other items, neutralizing the subtle toxins that traditional methods might miss. By using such tools, we can reduce our exposure to these hidden dangers and promote better health and well-being.

Detoxifying food is crucial in an era where contaminants are pervasive and often undetectable by conventional means. By recognizing the presence of both gross and fine matter toxins, we can take proactive steps to protect our health. Incorporating tools like the DETOX plate into our daily routines can help us minimize our exposure to harmful substances and ensure that the food we eat is as safe and nourishing as possible.

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