Air Hygiene – VIRUSKILLER™ – VK Air 401

AED 7500

The best clean air performance in a compact package.
VK Air is the versatile, high-performance device designed to deliver crystal clear air where it matters most. Get exceptional air quality in the spaces where you live and work.

Precision indoor air hygiene.
The VK Air is built to protect the breathing space in small and medium-sized rooms up to 90m2. Advanced yet unobtrusive, it provides visible reassurance and premium air all day to employees, customers, visitors and staff.


Technical Specifications (H14 HEPA)

Coverage 100m2 (969ft2) i
Weight 14.5kg (32lbs)
Airflow 20–142 CFM
Color Black
Dimensions (in) 14.4 x 23.6 x 6.7
Dimensions (mm) 365 x 600 x 170
Noise 21–65 dBA ii
Installation  Freestanding/ mounted
IAQ Sensor  PM and VOC iii
Remote Control Included
Warranty 1 Year
Typical Power 140W iv
Weight 14.5kg (32lbs)
Power  230 W
Installation 14.5kg (32lbs)
Pre-Filter Reusable
Carbon Filter 6 Months (4,000 hrs)v
H13 HEPA Filter 6 Months (4,000 hrs)v
Reactor Chamber 8,000 Hours

Switch on, breathe in.

Plug-and-play operation with no complex setup or configuration. The VK Air features simple controls suitable for high-traffic public spaces and no distractions for retail or commercial staff.


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