Prosystem N2 Smart

AED 2725

N2Smart solution

N2Smart focuses on fundamental parameters of indoor air quality, allowing to monitor many factors such as CO2 (for the adequacy of ventilation systems), TVOC (for the level of indoor pollution caused by people, materials and activities) and Particulate Matter (especially useful for monitoring the correct maintenance of the ventilation systems and their filter).


Technical Details


Dimensions 95mm (D) x 45 mm (H)
Operating Temperature -5°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature -5°C to +40°C
Operating Humidity 20% to 80% no condens.
Storage Humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing
Deployment Indoor

Power Supply
NVP215 Input: 110/220V 50/60 Hz
NVP210 Input 110/220V 50/60 Hz USB-C
Output 5V DC

WiFi 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g WPA PSK;
BTLE – only for configuration purpose;

Factor Working Range Resolution
TVOC 0-60.000 ppb 1-32 ppb
CO2 0-5.000 ppm 50 ppm
PM1 | PM2,5 | PM10 0-1000ug/m3 1 ug/m3
Relative Humidity 0-100 %Rh 1%Rh
Temperature -40 – +120°C 0,1°C

Frequently Asked Questions

How to configure Nuvap devices?

The device acquires the information from the Wi-Fi network when it is switched on; it is therefore extremely important to switch it on and configure it in an area with a good network coverage.

  1. Login from the Mobile App with the credentials provided by the Nuvap account.
  2. Select ‘Manage N1s’ from the menu
  3. Select ‘Add Device’
  4. Scan the QRCODE that is at the bottom of the device to be configured
  5. Follow the guided configuration procedure from the Nuvap App

Is it possible to move the device, after its first installation?

Yes, it is possible. It might happen that moving the device it loses the wifi connectivity. In this case, in order to upload the stored data from the device to the cloud platform, either the device is registered on a new wifi network or it needs to go back under the previous wifi network coverage.

Where are Nuvap devices to be placed?

Nuvap devices are desktop mounted. The devices must be installed between 1.1-1.7 m above the floor, in places where occupants usually stay. They have to be at least 1 meter away from doors, windows and air / exhaust vents.


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