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Who doesn’t love being in front of a screen and connected most of the time? We certainly do. However, screens also cause eye strain, fatigue, blurry vision, and headaches! Even describing that gives us a headache. Yikes! Our hack: Fashionable, trendy, and science-based eyewear that will protect your precious eyes from the harmful effects of blue lights.

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Do you have trouble falling asleep and wake up tired regularly? Do you suffer from fatigue and headaches from daily screen time? Its time to put on your Biohackn glasses!

Helvetios: We designed our sleep collection to effectively block not just blue but also other spectrum similar which are similar to the light from the sun, such as green and violet, which can trick the brain into thinking there is some sunlight present outside, reducing the amount of Melatonin produced in the Body. Biohackn is proud to block up to 99% + of blue, green, and violet light. Our Dream collection has to be worn in the evenings, or anytime someone is preparing to go to sleep as it helps alter the light hitting the retina, which can induce deeper and restful sleep.

We made fashionable glasses backed up by science that protects you. Biohackn adheres to the avant-garde fashion design concept and pays attention to visual health protection. We want to bring you a healthy and extraordinary visual experience!

We created unique eyewear that can filter and block specific frequencies of harmful light that make people sick and unhealthy. Most of the damage to human health comes from exposure to artificial or junk light, which falls in the blue spectrum. Biohackn’s stylish glasses are based on the science of circadian and chronobiology which has allowed us to block these lights. Here are some of the biggest problems millions of people face on the planet.

Poor sleeping patterns: Blue light can suppress melatonin, which is our Body’s sleep hormone and also serves as a powerful antioxidant that can prevent us from aging.
Eye strain: Occurs as one’s eyes absorb all the energy coming from this High energy Blue light.
Migraines and headaches: This is very commonly associated with eye strains.
Cognitive impairment: This happens as we lose focus, especially after getting headaches when exposed to artificial light.
Blurry Vision: This happens as our eyes’ natural filters cannot cope as we keep looking into our devices.

We believe that blue light can do much more than that. For example, it can cause people to gain weight, increase the risk of breast cancer, hormonal changes, and destroy organ health, causing diseases like Diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and ultimately aging.

Biohackn premium blue light blocking glasses safeguard your eyes and reduce digital eye strain from screen time, so For better work and better life, it brings you the enjoyment of digital life.


Blue Light Glasses FAQs

What is Blue light? Why did you start a company to block it?

Blue light falls on the visible light spectrum and is considered the highest photonic (Light) energy. Blue light usually falls under 380 -500 Nm. You would be surprised to know that a part of the sunlight we experience is also blue in the spectrum. Perhaps looking at blue light tricks the brain into believing that the sun is shining outside, and the body starts producing hormones made during the day. Blue light has been shown in multiple studies to suppress the brain’s production of the hormone melatonin.

Most people think blue light is blue; it isn’t true. Blue light is harmful and comes from:
• TV
• Smartphone
• Tablets
• Led lights in homes, offices, shopping malls
• Computer screens
• Lights in your fridge

Most of these sources are known to amplify light, which is very similar to sunlight. So, in short, if you are looking at a device that has light coming out, then you are exposing yourself to harmful blue light. Constantly exposing yourself to these mean they can ruin your sleep, brain function, mood, and how you show up in the world.

How does blue light impact our health?

Blue light essentially tricks your brain into believing that it is a different time of the day to which your brain responds by acting and changing functions in the body to match the perceived time. This means light from your devices can send false information via the photoreceptors in the eye and hamper processes like producing Melatonin which has so many health benefits. The glare that comes from looking at this type of light can also weaken the vision and cause many health conditions such as :

• Headaches
• Eyestrains
• Mood disorders
• Memory issues
• Brain fog
• Mental health issues such as stress and anxiety
• Weight gain
• Hormonal dysregulation
• Compromised immune function
• Heart and other cardiovascular disorders
• Inability to effectively manage blood glucose and can lead to diabetes
• Age-related macular degeneration
• Reduced cancer-fighting potential
• Weaken mitochondria
• Serious brain issues like Alzheimer’s

What is a circadian rhythm?

Body clock or sleep/wake cycle is a set of biological processes programmed to fit 24 hours available in the day. This clock in our body is operated and run by a master clock in the brain called ” Suprachiasmatic nucleus ( SCN) and multiple other smaller (peripheral) clocks in various tissues, organs, and cells. The most potent factor that syncs our body clock is light. We have evolved to sense the light around us, primarily sunlight; however, in the past 100 years, humankind has seen a rise in artificial lights even when it’s night. When the body senses artificial blue light, the master clock located in the hypothalamic region of the brain sends information to many other functions of the body. The hypothalamus controls essential functions such as how hungry or full, how sleepy or awake, how cold or warm, and various hormonal releases in one’s body. This is why we consider circadian rhythms to be crucial to enhance one’s health.

Why are we so focused on Melatonin? What is Melatonin?

Melatonin got its fame as the ” Sleep hormone”; however its is much more than that. It is a powerful antioxidant capable of healing the body from multiple issues. A tiny gland produces Melatonin in the brain called the pineal gland. As the sunsets and the environment becomes dark, this serves as an evolutionary signal to the brain to start producing Melatonin which helps us fall asleep. However, exposing ourselves to artificial blue light cancels this biological signal by suppressing Melatonin. This results in people often having problems falling asleep and reduced healing capacity, to which we often find people falling sick.

Melatonin also has an interplay function with various other biological hormones such as stress hormones. One such hormone is ” Cortisol.” This inverse relationship in our body works because when melatonin levels are high at night, our stress hormones are low. Thus, constantly exposing ourselves to blue light, we trigger a reverse response where cortisol becomes high. Conversely, Melatonin falls low, resulting in increased stress, insufficient sleep, and impaired biological functioning.

Is it safe to use LED light therapy?

When we get enough sleep, it nourished our minds and body. Sleep loss can cause a variety of problems in someone’s personality like people who often get less sleep complain of :
• Being tired
• Having low productivity
• Easily irritated
• Fatigued
• Angry most of the time

Chronic deprivation of sleep has been shown to have other serious problems such as :
• Gaining weight
• Memory loss
• Lower immunity levels
• Diabetes
• Depression
• Alzheimer’s and dementia

How can I protect myself from the harmful effects of blue light?

• Use some blue light blocking software on your computer or phone.
• Invest in high-quality blue light blockers such as ours.
• Follow the 20-20-20 rule – After watching the screen for 20 minutes, take a break for 20 seconds and look at something at least 20 meters away.
• Have your laptop or computer at least 25 inches from your eyes and angle the monitor to be 10-15 degrees below your eye level.

How are your Dream glasses different from other blue-light blocking companies?

We are created Dream after carefully analyzing the scientific literature and have used unique technology and our passion for blocking the harmful blue and green, and violet light, which has proved to enhance sleep architecture. Other companies often do not look into the scientific details to make sure they are precisely blocking the most harmful blue light spectrum. Most blue light blocking companies do not filter enough light, which can directly impact melatonin cycles and help people fall asleep quickly.

In short, we developed Dream to block blue light and address the most common signs of aging and gain an advantage on health using circadian biology. In addition, we aim to provide a simple non-pharmacological tool that can help you live your best life.

What kind of light do different glasses block?

Luminos lenses can block up to 40% of the harmful blue light falling under 460 nm. Cocktail hour lenses can block out up to 70% of the blue light falling under 460 nm. These 2 are the ones we recommend for day wear. However, it is essential to note that natural blue light has an advantage over our function during the day. For example, it helps us be awake and focus on tasks. Therefore with luminous and cocktail hour, we did not wholly block blue light. Instead, we blocked some of it.

Our Dream lenses can block up to 99.99 % light spectrum responsible for disrupting melatonin signaling.

Why should I buy Biohackn glasses?

We as a society naturally relied on sunlight during the day to keep us awake, and that’s where we got most of our blue light from. But these days, the blue light from our devices tricks our brain into believing that the sun is shining even post-sunset, which can cause harmful effects on our health. Of course, the easiest way to protect yourself would be to abstain from light post-sunset, but we both know that’s not practical. This is why we designed our glasses to minimize the harmful effects on your health, even if you are sitting in a brightly lit environment full of blue light. We do this by creating unique eyewear based on science that can filter and block the blue light in your environment so you can live as normally as possible. We are proud to offer a 24-hour solution to the blue light problem.

Luminos: Anyone who works looking at screens all day wants to protect their eyes.

Cocktail hour: Using these can reduce the fatigue that comes to you after excessively being around poor lighting conditions. These can help relieve headaches, eye strains, migraines and even protect your eyes from macular degeneration.

Dream: is for people who want improvements in their circadian biology and especially sleep. This advanced eyewear can block Blue, green, and violet light, which research has shown to suppress melatonin levels. In addition, our sleep collection is designed to be worn at night and can help you unwind even while you check your social media feed.

By wearing the sleep collection, we can trick the brain into believing the sun has set, increasing melatonin production and helping you sleep and regenerate.

Our technology and design are superior to most blue light blocking glasses as we designed them to protect the part of your eyes that are extremely sensitive to blue light, these are known as Melanopsin sensitive retinal ganglion cells, which are located in the center of the eye, and some parts can also be found in the peripheral vision.

Luminos was designed to help you work and perform simultaneously by making you alert. In our research, we focused on shift workers and especially flight crew and people in the hospitality industry like hotels – both of these groups have job-related limitations which we have tried to address by providing our clear lenses like being alert at work, for them to be able to see all colors as well a look good in uniform and grooming standards.

I have seen other blue light blocking companies that can stop more than 40 % of blue light yet have clear lenses?

Honestly, we have seen them too, but experts can suggest that as the blocking of light becomes more substantial, the lenses start changing color to more yellowish, and clear lenses are only meant to block up to 30% of the blue light.

Which glasses can I use while driving?

We recommend using our Luminos lenses while driving the most.

We do not advise using our Cocktail hour while driving as it can inhibit you from sometimes noticing the color yellow on essential things like street lighting.

We do not recommend using our dream collection, especially when you are driving, as these glasses are powerful and designed to trick your brain into reacting to nighttime and increasing melatonin levels, which will make you tired, sleepy, and this can furthermore confuse you.

How does the Dream collection help?

We designed our sleep collection keeping in mind that currently, the world is going through a sleep loss crisis. This is why we decided to offer a nighttime solution in line with science that can help you block and filter the harmful light and hack your brain into achieving calmer states and brain waves. Wearing the sleep collection at least 90 minutes before your time to hit the bed will ensure you have a restful and deeper sleep and prepare you to perform your very best in all aspects of life the next day.

Who should wear the Dream collection?

It is simple to enhance your health, sleep, and brain function you have to get the zzz at night. For that, you need to filter out the harmful light in your environment. We also kept a subset of people in mind while creating the Dream collection, and these are the people who often don’t have a choice but to use their digital devices for work late in the evening.

Shift workers or new parents who adjust to awkward sleep/wake-up schedules can get some science help.

People who are often traveling between time zones and have their biology confused often.People who are just not able to sleep at the right time or sleep enough.

When should I wear the Deam collection?

We recommend wearing the sleep collection for at least 90 minutes before jumping in bed. You can also put them on if you want to feel sleepy in the middle of the day or while traveling to get rid of jetlag.

Can I get my preferred glasses with prescription lenses?

We are looking into providing prescription solutions for our customers, and as soon as we can crack that, we will keep you posted.

Why do kids require blue light protection? Arent their eyes stronger?

We analyzed global data from many studies and found that kids these days spend a lot of their time indoors, which means they do not get exposed to the natural blue light from the sun and are continuously exposed to artificial blue light from devices which causes even more significant risk on children than adults.

Do my glasses come with a warranty?

All our products come with a one-year warranty for any manufacturing defects. So when you purchase our glasses, we have got you covered against any issues with materials, coating, and cracks. We are cautious while producing our products and ensuring we stick to the highest standards to deliver premium products. However, our warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, scratched lenses, or after-effects to exposure to extreme temperatures.

What's the best way to clean the product?

Standard spray-on lens cleaner, available from opticians or some supermarkets, is ideal. We also recommend using a microfiber cloth. You can also use pre-moistened lint-free lens wipes if you prefer.

Another option to thoroughly clean them is to use lotion-free dish soap. First, wash your hands thoroughly to remove any oils on your skin, run the lenses under lukewarm tap water (avoid hot water), and place a small drop of dish soap on each side of each lens. Next, gently rub both lenses and the frame for a few seconds with your fingertips, rinse thoroughly, shake them a little to remove most of the water, then dry with a lint-free dishtowel. If any streaks remain at this point, a dry microfiber cloth should clean them up quite well.

Do you offer replacement lenses?

We do not offer replacement lenses.

Why are your glasses expensive than the ones found on Amazon?

Our glasses are stylish. We have chosen the latest styles so you can rest assured you will look good wearing a pair of Oli. In addition, we provide premium glasses and do not invest in cheaper glasses that might spoil your health and not value your investment.

• Biohackn uses premium light hacking technology, with which we can target specific frequencies of light that have shown up in various scientific literature to harm the human body. For example, the average blue-light-blocking glasses often block the wrong type of light, giving you any health benefits.
• Biohackn uses premium building material, which gets produced in a laboratory. As a result, our glasses give you the perfect fit and comfort.

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