Harmony XL

AED 1590

HARMONY XL – MF05 is designed for large houses or offices.

Stops the negative effects of EMR from multiple sources.
✅ Reduces the cumulative adverse effects of EMR and its associated symptoms, including stressheadachesfatigue and infertility that is caused by long term exposure.
✅ Children are at greater risk, as they absorb up to 10 times more EMR than adults.
✅ Enjoy the health benefits and peace of mind from knowing you and your family are protected.
✅ Helps support the immune system
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HARMONY XL – MF05 compensates for the potential effects of Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, DECT wired telephones, relay antennas, satellite communications, electrical networks from low to very high voltage, geo-biological disturbances, microwave ovens, low consumption light bulbs smart meters, CPL (Carrying Currents Online), transport (car, plane and train).

Caution: The HARMONY XL – MF05 multifunction protection covers the majority of the sources of electromagnetic pollution described above.

HARMONY XL – MF05 is a cone with a nice aesthetic with gold champagne color.
Dimensions: Cone with 69 mm diameter, 53 mm height – 165 grams weight
HARMONY XL – MF05: Dimensions: Cone with 100 mm diameter, 73 mm height – 437 grams weight)

Composition: CMOs are passive magnetic oscillators, operating without energy input: they activate in the presence of artificial electromagnetic fields.
The aluminum shell is made of 100% aluminum.
Chemical composition of the active solutions: microcrystalline saline solution treated electromagnetically.

HARMONY XL – MF05 is preferably located at the epicenter of your home, halfway up, for example on a shelf.

The HARMONY XL – MF05 offers all the characteristics of the HARMONY – MF04 but with a surface area equivalent to a house of about 200 m² (2152 square feet).

* Note: the influence of the CMO on its environment is given as an indication, but it cannot in any case be a precise measure: here, it is the limit of effectiveness of the corrective effect which is estimated by the RAC method (auricular-cardiac reflex).

For more information (external study):A New Method in Auricular Medicine for the Investigation of the Nogier Reflex 


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