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Personal 5G / WIFI / EMF Protection

The Qi-Technologies Qi-Shield™ EMF Protection device is scientifically proven and certified to provide you with a personal sanctuary against damaging EMFs

Scientifically proven EMF Protection technology using a double-blind study at the BION Institute. Enjoy the relief of being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs while in the home or on the move.

Including cell phone radiation, WiFi and other electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF). Perfect for your office, bedroom, vehicle or air travel.




Technical Details


Dimensions 8.0 x 16.0 cm
Weight About 850g
Material Copper Ring and Oiled Walnut
Effective Protection Radius Stationary: 2.5m Mobile Use: 1.5m
Safe Distance to Technology 0.25m
Time for Protective Field Effectiveness After a Few Minutes
Power Source Comes charged. No electrical power or battery source needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Qi-Technologies® devices protect from EMFs?

Unlike shielding (which is the practice of blocking radiation using conductive barriers), Qi-Technologies devices work to depolarise the EMFs that surround us.

EMFs are positively-charged ions that are able to penetrate our bodies at a cellular level. The vials within Qi-Tech devices emit negatively-charged electrons that depolarise these electrical charges (also called a ‘Radiation Protection Sphere’). The negatively-charged electrons emitted from your Qi-Tech device form a harmless coating over the skin – think of it as a bodysuit to protect you, as well as neutralising the positive charges in your surrounding environment. The electrons protect the body as soon as they adhere to your skin – in fact, touching the copper ring throughout the day will greatly enhance the effect (this is particularly useful for protection when using radiation-emitting devices like laptops and mobile phones).

For maximum protection, we would always recommend a combination of Qi-Technologies, shielding and lifestyle changes.

Will my Qi-Technologies® device stop my phone/laptop/WiFi-router/etc from working?

Qi-Technologies® devices offer protection against EMFs without interfering with how your wireless devices work. This means that you can continue using your phone, laptop, WiFi router, etc as normal, all whilst experiencing effective 5G/WiFi/EMF defence.

Why does my EMF meter not change when testing the area around my Qi-Technologies® device?

Qi-Technologies® devices work differently to how EMF shielding fabric works (this allows you to use your tech devices along with your Qi-Technologies® device – whereas it wouldn’t be recommended to use tech devices within a faraday space/cage). When using a meter with shielding fabric you are able to test the frequencies inside and outside the fabric to see a difference. On the other hand, Qi-Technologies® devices work by creating a torus field of negative ions that counteract the positive ions given out by tech devices and this helps to reduce the physiological effects on the body caused by the technology we use. This effect can’t be tested with an EMF meter, instead it is tested through bodily factors including heart rate variability and skin conductance. You can view this by looking at the independent, third party, scientific studies conducted on Qi-Technologies® devices. You can read more about the science behind Qi-Technologies® devices here

The ideal situation would be to make your bedroom as much of an EMF-free sanctuary as possible by using shielding fabrics and materials (and not using any tech devices in this room), and then using the Qi-Home Cell for protection for the rest of your home where you will be using phones/laptops/TV’s etc, and then using a Qi-Shield for on-the-go protection as you can take this with you in the car, or have it with you whilst you’re at work.

What is the lifespan of each Qi-Technologies® device? Do Qi-Technologies® devices need to be recharged?

Qi-Technologies® products are charged and will last up to approximately 5 – 8 years before they need to be recharged.

Typically, on a single charge, the Qi-Me and Qi-Shield will last up to 5 years, and the Qi-Home Cell and Qi-Max Cell will last up to 8 years, before needing to be recharged.

How do I recharge my Qi-Technologies® device?

To recharge your Qi-Technologies® device you’ll need to send it to the manufacturer in Germany and they will recharge it for you for free (you just need to pay for the postage). You can get in touch with us at the time and we’ll help you to organise this.

What is meant by ‘Safe Distance to Technology’?

‘Safe distance to technology’ is the distance we recommend keeping your Qi-Technologies® device away from any EMF source. EMF sources include electrical wiring in the walls, phones, laptops, etc). We recommend keeping your Qi-Technologies® device the following distance away from any EMF source:

Qi-Me: at least 25cm
Qi-Shield: at least 25cm
Qi-Home Cell: at least 50cm
Qi-Max Cell: at least 100cm away

If you place your Qi device too close to an EMF source it will hinder your Qi device’s ability to create a sphere or torus field of protection (and therefore stop your Qi device from working to its full effectiveness).

Are the Qi-Technologies® devices 5G ready?

The Qi-ShieldQi-Home Cell and Qi-Max Cell are all 5G ready. We are in the process of making the Qi-Me 5G ready. Unfortunately we don’t have an estimated time frame for when this will be complete. At the moment the Qi-Me is about 75% 5G ready.

How can I energise and restore drinking water with my Qi-Technologies® device?

To enjoy the benefits of Qi-Technologies® enriched water, we’d recommend that you place a glass of water next to your Qi-Technologies® device before you go to bed at night, and consume the following morning.

My Qi-Shield has developed lines / black marks on the copper. Is that normal?

It’s perfectly normal for your Qi-Shield to develop grey/ black lines around it – it is simply an effect of the material used. The Qi-Shield is coated with a diffusion-open lacquer so that the surface is not isolated (this is because it is beneficial for your skin to directly touch the copper). When your skin touches the Qi-Shield the lines will develop overtime. This has no negative impact on the functioning of the device.

Is it normal to hear liquid trickling when the Qi-Technologies® device is turned on its side?

Yes, it is normal to hear liquid moving inside the device, however it is not normal for liquid to leak from the device.

How do I know if my Qi-Technologies® device is broken or faulty?

Qi-Technologies® devices shouldn’t be dropped or subjected to water damage. Signs of damage include cracks, a rattling noise, liquid leaking or the sound of liquid sloshing around (a faint trickling noise is normal though). If your device is not showing any of these signs of damage then it should be working perfectly fine.

If you are concerned that your product is damaged, please send a photo or video (to support@consciousspaces.com) of the damage and we will be able to assess if damage is likely to have occurred. You’re also welcome to send the device to the manufacturer who can check if your device is working properly. This is a free service – all you need to pay for is the postage.


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