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When It Comes To EMFs Radiation Protection, How concerned are you?

EMF’s are everywhere, and there are tons of sources right from cell phones, WiFi s to Bluetooth, smart speakers, wireless chargers, smart refrigerators, and many more. Also,There has been growing concerns of EMF radiation linking to various health issues, including cancer, infertility, sleep disorders, and developmental problems. Frequent Headaches, severe concentration and sleep problems are […]
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Microwave Emissions from Mobile Phones Exceed Safety Limits

In his scientific report from early 2019, Prof. Om. P. Gandhi shows that mobile phones fail the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) safety limits both in Europe and the USA. He recommends that the regulators change current compliance testing methods. As consumers, we generally think that all electronic products we use, including mobile phones, are safe […]
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14 ways to effectively limit exposure to EMFs

Unless we live in a secluded home away from civilization and any kind of technological connectivity, electromagnetic radiation (also called EM fields) will always surround us. Our phones, laptops, wifi routers, smartwatches, Fitbit, smart household products, plugs, sleep trackers are often our daily companions in increasing frequency and intensity. According to experts, kids aged 8 […]
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8 most common sources of EMFs in your home

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) or ‘electromagnetic radiation’ is basically a form of energy discharged from a source. What makes one type of EMF different from another is the frequency it operates at (think big boat making big waves vs small boat making small waves). Based on those differences we can organise EMFs into a so called […]
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